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Board of Zoning & Adjustment
This Board is responsible for granting variances from the City of Slidell Zoning Ordinance.

Term Expires:
Johnathan Johnson, District A  443 Cleveland Ave., Slidell, LA 70458  225 505-5111  6/30/17 
Bob Underwood, District B  3726 Riviera, Slidell, LA 70458  649-9812  12/01/14 
Christie West, District C  3451 Bonfouca Dr., Slidell, LA 70458  285-1628  11/30/17 
Rene' LeBreton, District E  1607 Rue Miramon, Slidell, LA 70458  781-7871  12/01/19 
Fay Stonecypher, District D  110 Weset Port Court    12/01/16 
Ron Glockner, District F  204 Anthony Drive., Slidell, LA 70458  646-1030  12/01/15 
Cindi King, District G  345 Landon Drive, Slidell, LA 70458  643-1617  12/01/14 
Downloadable Forms
Zoning & Rezoning Petition & Requirements
Zoning Petition, Zoning Procedures, Zoning Requirements
Annexation and Rezoning - Petition and Procedures
When annexing into the City of Slidell Corporate Limits, a petition to change zoning classification must be requested to be reviewed concurrently.
Zoning Agenda - September 20, 2010
Consent Calendar: Code of Ordinances Administrative Amendment - Section 2.2216 and Part 9, Appendix A-Zoning (Building Materials) Rezone: B&G Food Enterprises (Taco Bell), St. Tammany Zoning HC-2 TO C-4
Planning Agenda - September 20, 2010
Consent Calendar-B&G Food Enterprises (Taco Bell) Annexation, Old Spanish Trail. Resubdivision: Cecil Boyd, Inc., Lots 1, 3, and 5, Square 11, Brugier Addition.
Zoning Agenda August 16, 2010
Public Hearing - Items Withdrawn: Administrative request to withdraw consideration of Amendments to Code of Ordinance, Item Numbers 10-04-2854, 10-04-2855, and 10-04-2855A. Code of Ordinances to be rewritten as result of award of Comprehensive Resiliency Grant.
Planning Agenda - August 16, 2010
Introduction of Revocation of 4th Street by Marilyn and Phillip Haik - WITHDRAWN
BZA Agenda - August 5, 2010
BZA10-09 - 523 Maine Avenue BZA10-10 - 2972 Camellia Drive BZA10-11 - 435 Robert Drive BZA10-12 - 102 Christian Lane
Resubdivision Requirements

Planning Agenda - July 19, 2010
1) Resubdivision of Parcels NH and F into Parcel F-1 at Greenbriar Community Care Center 2) Public Hearing - Revocation of 12th Street - SMH
Zoning Agenda July 19, 2010
Consent Calendar items re-evaluated: Code of Ordinance item numbers 10-04-2854, 10-04-2855, and 10-04-2855A, due to failure to publish public notice.
BZA Agenda - July 1, 2010
BZA10-09 - 523 Maine Avenue
CDBG Consolidated Plan

Planning Agenda - June 21, 2010
1) Introduction of 12th Street Revocation by SMH 2) Resubdivision of 9.60 ac. and 3.28 ac. into 12.88 ac. at Abney Elementary School
Zoning Agenda June 21, 2010
1) Introduction of Administrative request to amend Code of Ordinances: Item No. 10-04-2854 - Appendix A, Section 2.18, C-4 Highway Commercial (Multi-Family); Item No. 10-04-2855 - Appendix A, Section 2.23 Sign Regulations; Item No. 10-04-2855A - Amendment A to Item No. 10-04-2855. 2) Public Hearing on Z10-02, Z10-03, and CU10-01.
BZA Agenda - June 3, 2010
BZA10-07, BZA10-08
Planning Special Meeting Agenda - May 26, 2010
Resubdivision of Tract C and Portion of Tract D into Tract C-1 at Legacy Medical Center - SMH
Zoning Special Meeting May 26, 2010
Introduction of: a. Z10-02=Rezone Parcel F, STR 35/8S/14E, 8th Ward from PUD to A-6, 505 Robert Boulevard; b. Z10-03=Rezone Parcel NH, STR 35/8S/14E,8thWard, from A-2 to A-6, 505 Robert Boulevard; c. CU10-01=Conditional use of "Nursing Home" at 505 Robert Boulevard.
Planning Commission Agenda 5/17/2010

Zoning Commission Agenda 5/17/2010

BZA Agenda - May 6, 2010
BZA10-01, BZA10-02, BZA10-03, BZA10-04, BZA10-05, BZA10-06
CDBG annual plan FY 2010 - Draft
Residents of the City of Slidell are invited to comment on the City’s proposed Consolidated and Annual Plans from April 14, 2010 until May 14, 2010 at 3:00 PM. Citizens may submit comments to: City of Slidell Planning Department, P.O. Box 828, Slidell, LA 70459-0828 or
Five Year Consolidated Plan - Draft -
The Consolidated Plan required by HUD for Slidell is designed to be a coordinated process in which the community offers its unified vision for housing and community development, especially for those areas in which HUD funds will be invested. Residents of the City of Slidell are invited to comment on the City’s proposed Consolidated and Annual Plans from April 14, 2010 until May 14, 2010 at 3:00 PM. Citizens may submit comments to: City of Slidell Planning Department, P.O. Box 828, Slidell, LA 70459-0828 or
Public Notice - Hud Consolidated Plan 2010 - 2014
Planning Commision Agenda - 4/19/2010

Zoning Commission Agenda - 4/19/2010

BZA Agenda April 1, 2010

Public hearings and informational sessions concerning proposed amendments to FY 2005-2009 Consolidated Plan.
The City of Slidell will hold two public hearings and informational session concerning proposed amendments to the Community Development Block Grant “CDBG” 2009 Annual Plan. The amendments impact upon the budget and activities shown in the 2005 to 2009 annual plans and the Slidell Consolidated Plan. The public hearings will be held at the City Council Chambers, located at 1330 Bayou Lane (Trailer #110). The first public hearing will be held at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010. The second public hearing will be held at 6:00 p. m. on Monday, March 22nd, 2010.
Planning Agenda 3/15/2010

Amended Planning Agenda 3/15/2010

Zoning Agenda 3/15/2010

City of Slidell Public Hearing on Consolidated Plan
The City of Slidell will hold two Public Hearing/Citizen Input Meeting at 5:30 p.m. on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH, 2010 and 5:30 p.m. on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND, 2010 at the City Council Chambers at 1330 Bayou Lane, Trailer 110, Slidell, Louisiana.
Planning Commission Agenda - 2/22/10

Zoning Commission Agenda - 2/22/10

Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings - 2010
P&Z Meeting dates with designated cutoff dates.
Board of Zoning Adjustments Meetings 2010
Meeting Schedule with designated cutoff dates.
Planning Commission Agenda - 1/25/2010

Zoning Commission Agenda - 1/25/2010

Board of Zoning Adjustments Agenda - 1/7/10

Recovery Funds 2008 CDBG Notice
The U. S. Department of Housing & Urban Development has awarded the City of Slidell, $53,892 in Community Development Block Grant Funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (CDBG-R). In order to utilize these funds, the City of Slidell is required to submit a substantial amendment to its FY2008 Annual Action Plan to the New Orleans HUD office no later than June 5, 2009. Get complete information here.
Slidell Master Plan - Phase 2

Subdivision Regulations

Standard Subdivision Specifications

Preliminary Draft of Design Guidelines
Fremaux Avenue Corridor and Olde Towne Preservation District
Beautification Application

Zoning Ordinance Appendix A

BZA Standards for a Variance

Landscaping Requirements

Protected Tree Removal Requirements

Accessory Structures

Sign Regulations

Parking of Recreational Vehicles

Document Order Form

Subdivision Record Preliminary Plat/Final Plat certification forms

Conditional Use Application

Zoning Designations and their Uses

Variance Application

Zoning Review Application

Application for an appeal to the decision of an administrative official regarding an administrative interpretation of the zoning ordinance

Slidell BZA Requirements

Setbacks and Parking Regulations

Home Occupation

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